Metwit Weather API, an alternative to Yahoo! Weather API


Two days ago, Yahoo! dismissed its geocoding API from use. The API which, given a lat, lng coordinates group, gave a WOEID back is no longer available:,11.248001&gflags=R

See for yourselves: the url above now displays a 404 message. 

As a consequence, it is no longer possible to easily, quickly, and freely use the Yahoo! weather APIs that relied on a WOEID as a parameter, through a call like this: * from weather.forecast where woeid=’WOEID’ and u=’c’&format=json

The updated and supported method to receive the WOEID is to use the paid for Yahoo! BOSS Search API, after filling a form complete with your credit card number. Here’s a discussion about this topic. ;)

Yahoo! is dead, long live Metwit!

So, you used to rely on Yahoo! weather APIs and are now feeling stranded? Don’t panic! There are some alternatives, one of which has been developed by yours truly. If you’re looking for an alternative REST with JSON response for weather data, both real time and forecast, you should try Metwit’s weather APIs.

They are dead easy to use and, and for test phase, you can use it without authentication:

A call like this one above will give you back real time weather and forecasts.

The unique characteristic of our APIs is that they’re built around a crowdsourcing approach, and you can both send and receive data to and from your client (write us to learn more or visit our Developers page).

Within a week, we intend to release a free plan (‘till June) with 5000 calls/day, and we’re also considering and selecting 5 applications to which to offer custom free plans for one year.

If you have a nice app, with a cool concept and neat design, contact me right away at, indicating:

  • App name and description

  • URL (if it is already available in stores or online as a webapp)

  • Estimated calls/day need

And I will evaluate your requests ASAP. :)

Hack the weather with us!

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