A weather API to monitor precipitations at a given location


Here we are!

We’ve just deployed a kickass new weather API to receive precipitation alerts nearby a given location.

To put it shortly, every time it’ll start raining at a location of your choice, you’ll be able to receive a callback to your servers. Yes, you got that right: push weather notifications.

Some awesome implementation ideas:

  • Would you like to receive a phone call or an SMS whenever it starts raining at home, or snowing at your favorite ski resort? Try Metwit weather API + Twilio API.


  • Would you like to play a beautiful “rainy” Stereomood playlist to simulate the weather at your girlfriend’s secluded amazonian village? Try Metwit weather API + Stereomood API.


  • Would you like to post a job on TaskRabbit when it starts snowing, to find someone willing to shovel your frontyard? Try Metwit weather API + TaskRabbit API.


If you wish to know more give a good look at our weather api monitor documentation and most of all, if you still wish to ask us something, tweet or email us!

We’re hungry for feedback as this is the first version of this new API.

So… Let’s go!

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